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POP CULTURE... It’s hard to find two words that better define this creative duo’s mantra. It is a motif that resonates through Lorenzo & Lash’s wide range of work, spanning photography, live art, choreography, fashion design, set design, and whatever outlandish idea they decide to conceptualize. Spend an evening at an event curated by Lorenzo & Lash’s PartyRobot crew and you will instantly feel that this is not your average party. Their keen understanding of  their clients’ vision and their uncompromising desire to convey a raw experience that aligns with the message to be delivered never fails to please guests, without stealing the spotight.

This subtle extravagance is what has led to their continued success throughout the years. Lorenzo, a marketing guru and Lash, an artist, made the decision put their talents together in a mutual project that would eventually turn into a full-time career for the pair. Their ability to identify the growing trend of Electronic Music in the entertainment world has set them up for success from early on.

Having now worked with artists and brands across the spectrum, it is clear that they possess the flexibility and creative intelligence to bring virtually any idea to life. Lorenzo & Lash have been able to successfully execute projects with several underground house and techno legends such as Marco Carola and Claude Von Stroke all the way to the Pop scene (Diplo, Skrillex, Zedd, Snake, et al.).  Be sure to keep an eye on these two, they’re sure to continue bringing more flavor to the scene.